Welcome to The Gaming Coalition forums! This forum site is in association with the website The Gaming Coalition which is being worked on. The test site for that will be up this week. Please make sure you go and read the Welcome thread before you continue.
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 Welcome Everyone!

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Welcome Everyone! Empty
PostSubject: Welcome Everyone!   Welcome Everyone! EmptyFri May 22, 2009 1:33 am

Welcome everyone to The Gaming Coalition forums!

These forums are in association with The Gaming Coalition website (coming soon). We are a fan based gaming website dedicated to gaming for every platform/console. We are in no way associated with any gaming company. We are a couple of gamers who put together a gaming discussion site for all to enjoy. We only have a few rules to abide by, so please take a moment to look them over.

No Spamming - (You may post a link to a site or source, but don't spam it all over the boards)
Watch the Language - (I don't mind swearing here and there, I just don't want every other word to be f*ck or sh*t)
What the Mod's Say Goes - (We hand chose our Mod's because we trust them. If you do have a problem with something a Mod has done, contact either JMViper86 or njb12287)
No Flaming
No Calling Anyone Out
No Porn - (We do have kids who come and few the site)
Please Post Topics in the Correct Area's

That's all for the rules. We want to keep the site simple and fun. We will add rules if we see a need to, so please don't force us. Everyone have fun and enjoy the site!

Feel free to use this Welcome thread to welcome one another and get to know each other.
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Welcome Everyone!
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